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Red Gill Original Lures Raver 178mm 7"

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Part Number: Raver7
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Red Gill Raver 178mm 7" ultimate imitation sandeel.

Clam shell packaged:
2 Bodies
2 6/0 Sakuma Hooks

Fishing recommendations:

For this application we like to use a 4-6oz jig head and jig with a long jig technique where you start with your rod tip at the water and lift the rod high into the air then allowing the jig to fall naturally. 

Striped Bass-
A 2-3oz jig head with a slow retrieve is all that’s needed but if fishing gets tough allow it to fall down, then lift, then fall while taking in the slack. The technique allows you to fish more of the water column and let’s the Red Gill do its job. 

Codfish / Pollock- 
Use as your teaser up about 24” from a Viking jig or any cod type jig on a 8” dropper loop. 

Due to its unique tail action the eel provides a life-like imitation of an injured sand eel making it irresistible to predatory species. Can be fished either from shore or boat; usually on a long flowing trace, which will help give the lure the best possible fish catching action. These lures will out-fish and out-last most other artificial baits on the market.

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